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It was the year 2012 that PM Agencies (Paingamadathil Agencies) set-up a mission to introduce a consistent top quality product to Indian market .With systematic investigation and market study, we found a product which is a life saver and helps to protect the valuables. PM Agencies now hold the exclusive distributorship for the region of South India from Europe’s trusted brand ‘MERSETA’ manufacturers of high quality fire extinguishing equipment’s. Merseta is the best known as a manufacturer of fast and powerful ReinoldMax fire extinguishing spray for initial fire. ReinoldMax is a result of a long-lasting hard work, technical research as well as large investments.

From Fire suppressant Aerosol Sprays to Autonomous Smoke Detectors everything you can hand pick and 100% authentic sourced straight from the best brand of Europe. We deliver strong, accurate, fast and effective fire safety tools that are successful and are best inexpensive fire safety solutions provided by ‘Merseta’ Europes’s most trusted brand. It’s new and now on it can be yours. Explore the best International fire safety solutions to safeguard from fires. Exclusivity is our specialty. We are the only distributor in South India for this product and have plans to stretch our wings to other developing countries.

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750 ml
26 Seconds discharge time
3A 21B CK


The ReinoldMax extinguisher is a compound of water and an AFFF fire fighting foam. This foam is non-toxic, safe for the health and the environment and does not cause skin irritation. In case of contact with the eyes, simply rinse the affected area with fresh water.

The ReinoldMax foam formula smothers the oxygen in the flames and cools the fire-affected areas upon contact. The foam quickly cools down and completely covers the ignition source to effectively prevent the flames from reigniting and causing additional damages..

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Mess Free
500 ml
19 seconds discharge time

3A 13B CK


Electrical and gas range, oven, micro-wave oven, BBQ, natural gas, propane, cooking oils and fats, flammable liquids, fireplace, tobacco products, lighters and matches Engine, gasoline and diesel, natural gas, propane, textiles, plastics, BBQ, combustion heater

Fires can double in size every 7 seconds (U.S. Fire Administration) and it is during those precious seconds a household fire can spread, putting your properties, home and even your life at risk. Reinoldmax is an all in one solution to safeguard your premises for stopping initial fire.

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